How's Your Product Packaging?

Packaging is Critical

Most manufacturers package their goods for bulk transport, which is great until the individual products are decoupled from bulk and sent into the demanding supply chain on their own. That’s where we — and all transportation companies — begin to see the hazards of relying on the manufacturer’s packaging. While the box may arrive unscathed thousands of miles from the factory, the product inside isn’t always so lucky. That’s why we consult on packaging. We want to limit concealed damage every bit as much as we want to see pristine packaging arrive at your customer’s home.

This video demonstrates our dedication to getting protective packaging in place, in this case, for fragile consumer electronics going into homes throughout the country. Business Development Director Brett Boatman worked with our Loss Prevention team and our customer to put its product through demanding testing that resulted in an “overbox” that significantly reduced damage to flat screen TVs. We will work with your company if your product is experiencing high rates of damage. Call us today to get started: 888-201-3232


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