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Manna Distribution Services is headquartered in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, which has been home since our beginning in 1991. We are privately held and focus exclusively on the high speed, white glove home delivery of large consumer items to homes across America.  Our value is easy to understand: we specialize in this segment of the supply chain, and all of our processes and systems have been designed and built in-house by our own IT team, exclusively for the transportation industry.

We partner with businesses large and small and deliver a wide array of consumer items nationwide and lightning fast. We are supply chain experts who can guide you in packaging, loss prevention, warehousing, supply chain visibility and much more.

Why speed? Today’s consumers are time starved like never before and getting their online purchases delivered in five days or less can save sales. We know (because we asked 1,000 consumers) that five days or less is what the current expectation is among consumers for delivery of furniture, appliances, home medical equipment, TVs and more.

If your company can’t get it safely in the hands of your shoppers in five days or less, the sale is in much greater jeopardy of going south because of buyer’s remorse. And let’s face it, shoppers aren’t getting more patient as technology allows them to shop online, anywhere in the country, they are becoming increasingly demanding and impatient. Your delivery partner can help you save deals by ensuring that products are delivered with standards that live up to those expectations.

Tell us about your business and what challenges you are currently facing and let’s work on a real solution together. Manna’s specialized focus on high speed, white glove home delivery and our two decades of experience give us a perspective that our customers value and depend on. We’d like to be your delivery partner as well. It doesn’t cost anything to inquire. Just tell us in the fields at right a little about your challenges and we’ll get back to you quickly. or call 888-201-3232

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