Vispring  is a manufacturer of high quality, hand crafted mattresses that is every popular in Europe.  The London-based company has been making mattresses by hand with natural materials including cotton, wool, silk, and horse hair since 1901.

Americans are just starting to become familiar with the Vispring fine line of mattresses.  The growth in the economy, the increased interest in using natural fibers for consumer products and the decline of a good night’s sleep for many in the US has many searching for the perfect bed.   Vispring beds are unique in the market and Vispring is making their line of products known to the interior designer community.

Vispring Beds Taking On America from MFS on Vimeo.

Vispring has showrooms at the High Point and Las Vegas Markets and has become a must see destination.  In addition to their showroom they also feature a production area at the High Point Market where one of their artisans will demonstrate the stitching and natural materials used in each mattress.   Jame Gerety, Managing Director of Vispring says Vispring beds are second to none because of their manufacturing and materials.  He acknowledges they are more costly than the average bed given the hand craftsmanship and natural fibers, however he added they are more affordable than one would think. Gerety says given the desire for better sleep, the time is right for Vispring beds for Americans.

You can see Vispring beds at the Spring High Point Market  in 272 Market Square Floor 2