The trend for mattresses to be rolled up into smaller boxes continues in 2015 to 2016.  Yet those mattresses still look and feel the same when they are unrolled, and taken out of whatever packaging.  They are bulky and are usually replacing an older mattress which needs to be removed. These are the facts about mattress shipping which are unavoidable.  

Technology continues to encroach into the bedroom and it is taking many forms.  In the most visible way technoolgy can be seen in adjustable beds that are controlled with a mobile app for your smartphone or tablet such as these in this story we did on Leggett & Platt from Las Vegas Market Less obvious technology, but perhaps even more dramatic, is the sensor technology being used to monitor sleep patterns, one of the companies offering this technology is Eight from this mattress technology story in Furniture Today  

Bed sizes have not really changed over time (the occasional round mattress popping up now and then).  While width and length dimensions are standardized, the typical height of a mattress and box springs vary from 8 to 18 inches. Mattresses are always at the top of the list of things homeowners hate to move which is why White Glove delivery will be a good decision for mattress and bedding delivery.